Rules and Regulations


Parking inside the cemetery is STRICTLY reserved for funeral vehicles, those visiting their loved ones, those attending funeral services, those visiting dedication memorials and those with office appointments. All other persons are strictly prohibited from parking within the cemetery. (Walkers, Gamers, Sledders, Readers, Picnickers, Nappers)

When going to visit your loved one, Do Not Leave Your Car Unlocked!! There have been multiple items (Purses, Keys, Phones) that have been stolen.


Dogs or other pets must be on a leash, tethered to person at all times. NO ELECTRONIC REMOTE LEASHES PERMITTED. Pet walkers are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Please do not allow your pet into the sections.


Below provides a quick and easy reference on what decorations are permitted for everyone that visits their loved ones.                 

Unauthorized decorations* on cemetery grounds will result in the prompt removal and disposal of item.

  1. Only Annual Flowers (flowers which die off each year) are permitted April through September.
  2. During the month of October, all planted flowers and pots must be removed due to annual cleanup.
  3. Only items permitted from Nov 1st through February 15th are Christmas wreath or Christmas cross (Artificial or Fresh) wired to a tri-pod easel no taller than 36” (3 feet). Only two (2) Christmas wreaths or crosses are permitted per lot. Christmas Planter (Artificial or Fresh) may also be placed.
  4. Artificial flowers are permitted all year only in cemetery approved, permanently attached vases. No other item is permitted to be placed in vases.
  5. Artificial/Fresh flower saddles are permitted all year on top of raised marker/monuments. No other item is permitted to be placed in saddle holder. Saddles are not permitted to be tied down.
  6. Only plant on the front side of a raised marker/monument. If you have purchased the lots behind your monument, you may plant flowers on the backside of the monument only if burials have taken place.
  7. Flower bed can only be the length of the marker/monument, and come out 18 inches from the marker/monument.
  8. Do not plant, mulch or place any items on the sides or back of marker/monument.
  9. Mulch is only permitted in flower bed.
  10. Main grass level markers are only permitted to have potted flowers on the front side. No in-ground planting is permitted.
  11. When a government marker at the foot of a grave or grass marker for on-top burials is placed, no potted or in-ground planting is permitted. Only flowers at the main marker/monument will be permitted.
  12. Planting flowers is at your own risk.
  13. Fresh cut flowers (unwrapped) are permitted to be laid on a grave. No other items may be laid on a grave or by memorial.
  14. Any item with a point, stick, rod, string, wire or hook is not permitted to be pushed into the ground. (Exception to this rule is a wreath stand)
  15. No item is permitted to be taped, affixed, glued, wired, adhered, hung or draped/wrapped around a marker/monument, crypt and niche doors or cremation boulder surface and lids, tree or bushes.
  16. No in-ground planting is permitted on a lot until a memorial has been placed. However, potted plants may be placed.
  17. Only one military flag/flag holder is permitted per veteran. Flag holder must be placed as close to the main marker/monument as possible. The only time a flag holder is permitted at a government marker is when the government marker is being used as the main marker, not as a foot marker.
  18. No item is permitted to be laid on grave except for fresh cut flowers.
  19. Items such as, but not limited to balloons, birds, butterflies are not permitted to be released.
  20. No item such as Glass Stones, Glitter, Confetti, placed on or around marker/monument, or lot is permitted.

Reasoning behind our rules:

  1. Planting of Perennials is not permitted due to the fact they spread.
  2. In the month of October, cemetery personnel are actively mulching leaves.
  3. We have limited our decoration policy because of the overabundance of items left on lots. And also due to the fact:
    • There is a danger to persons and property when items are left on a grave.
    • Artificial flowers and some other items often contain metals which can cause damage to equipment and if caught by the lawn cutting equipment can cause injury.
    • Items pushed into to ground have a tendency to blow all over the cemetery.
    • One might know, but markers/monuments are not permanently attached to the foundation. Reason being, there are times the cemetery personnel must move marker(s)/monument(s) to obtain enough area to dig a grave. 
    • When items are placed in the winter months, these items freeze in the ground and we cannot remove without damaging the items.
    • Items placed in winter may become covered with snow and cause a hazard to cemetery personnel and visitors.
    • Grave blankets and grave pillows are not permitted because they interfere with the ability to dig graves and they become a shelter for rodents.
    • Most do not come back to pick up their items. It takes days for cemetery personnel to pick all these items up.
    • Glass Stones, Glitter and Confetti are scattered when trimming takes place around marker/monument. 
  4. Markers/Monuments, Crypts, Niches and Boulders, Benches are constructed of granite and can be damaged by adhesives and wire used to attach decorations. Damage from such adhesives may include discoloration or may even cause the granite to become brittle. Wire will scratch the surface of the granite and will need to be re-polished. (Repair will be assessed to the Owner or their surviving heirs who have scratch their door on a crypt or niche building). 

Unauthorized decorations*

 *All items such as, but not limited to:

  • Statuary figures
  • candles
  • crosses
  • pictures
  • wind chimes
  • solar/battery item of any kind
  • glass/china/metal containers
  • shepherd’s hook
  • stepping stones
  • toys/stuffed animals
  • clothes
  • decorative flags
  • balloons
  • decorative rocks
  • grave blankets/pillows
  • garland
  • bottles/cans
  • coins
  • pumpkins/gourds
  • borders
  • landscape material
  • dolls    
  • any item used to establish a border
  • food
  • garland
  • easter eggs

Due to varying outdoor conditions, inclement weather conditions and the ongoing maintenance requirements of the cemetery, the MCA is not responsible for any decorations or personal effects left on any part of the cemetery, including any place of interment.

Marion Cemetery welcomes your questions and concerns.

You may come to the cemetery office to discuss in detail or you can email us at: [email protected]
Complaints are also welcome, however only in a calm and respectful manner. 

Cemetery office hours:

Monday-Friday 8:30 – Noon / 1:00 – 4:30   

Cemetery grounds hours:

Summer 6:30 – 8:30 / Winter 7:30 – 6:00