Address: 620 Delaware Ave Marion, OH, OH 43302

Phone: (740) 387-7050


Rules and Regulations


The following rules and regulations have been adopted as a guide to the use and management of the Cemetery. The rules and regulations will help protect all who have interest here. All owners of interment rights, visitors and contractors performing work within the Cemetery shall be subjected to said rules and regulations, amendments or alterations as shall be adopted by the Trustees of Marion Cemetery from time to time. 

General Rules


When going to visit your loved one, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR UNLOCKED!! There have been multiple items (Purses, Keys, Phones) that have been stolen. Marion Cemetery is not responsible for the damage or theft of any item placed on lot.


Parking inside the cemetery is reserved for funeral vehicles, those visiting their loved ones, those attending funeral services, those visiting dedication memorials, and those with office appointments. All other persons are strictly prohibited from parking within the cemetery. This includes, but is not limited to, those intending to walk, jog, picnic, or loiter.


Dogs or other pets will not be allowed in the cemetery without a leash. Pet walkers are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.


Please remember that this is a cemetery, not a park. Picnicking, car washing/detailing, playing, and organizing events outside of funeral services are not permitted. Balloons are not permitted on cemetery grounds for any reason.

Decoration Policies

The following chart provides a quick and easy reference on what decorations are permitted for everyone that visits their loved ones here at the Marion Cemetery. If the item you wish to decorate a loved one’s monument or marker with is not on this list, it is safe to assume that the item is not permitted. Placing unauthorized decorations on these cemetery grounds can and will result in the prompt removal and disposal of said item(s).

Permitted Items

Annual Flowers*

Always Allowed

Artificial Decorations
Only allowed:
  • November 1 thru March 14
  • Easter
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Memorial Day

*Plant tulips at your own risk. Although these flowers are annual flowers and therefor are permitted on cemetery grounds, the deer love to eat them. We can not guarantee that your tulips will not be eaten by the deer.

**Artificial items that are not removed before the deadline will be discarded. We do not hold or keep any decorations that we pick up. 


Floral and Decorative Policies

We know most surviving family members or friends will not only desire, but also need to visit and decorate the grave site of a loved one.

Since it is one of our primary values to respond to the needs of our families, we permit grave decoration. However, it is also our responsibility to maintain the cemetery in a dignified and orderly manner so as to benefit the collective good of our families.

What is appealing to one family may be unappealing to another. Furthermore, in order for management to properly maintain over 140 acres of ground, there must be rules. Therefore, we request compliance with our Floral and Decoration Policy.

We realize that our families will not always agree with our policies. However, management will enforce the policies set forth. Therefore, we ask that you review the floral and decoration policy and become familiar with them.

Please take into consideration the cemetery personnel mow more than 140 acres of land and trim around more than 20,000 monuments/markers and could be hurt if a prohibited item would get caught in the mower or trimmer and be thrown.

Planting flowers are at your own risk. We do not intend to mow/trim down your flowers, however mishaps do happen. We are sorry should this happen. Although, please don’t assume we mowed/trimmed down your flowers. There is an abundance of wildlife (deer, rabbits, groundhogs, fox, raccoons, etc) that love to eat the flowers. However, deer are our main wildlife that eat the flowers. There is a herd of deer that live in the cemetery woods.

March 15th – October 31st

During those months when grass is actively growing, cemetery personnel is intensively engaged in an effort to mow, trim, etc. Decorations pose a safety hazard and, therefore, during this period, all decorations are prohibited, excluding those placed in vases permanently mounted on monuments/markers.

The exception to this rule pertains to Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Memorial Day.

(No other holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc will be observed.)

In observance of these special days, decorations may be placed at the gravesite three (3) days prior to the holiday and may remain until the seventh (7) day following the holiday, at which time they will be removed and discarded by cemetery personnel.

November 1st – March 14th

During the winter, fall and early spring months, the grass is not actively growing. Accordingly, winter decorations such as natural and artificial wreaths placed on easels, saddles, and grave pillows are permitted. Other items such as, but not limited to are Grave blankets, Christmas Trees (real or artificial) garland, bulbs, snowman, Santa Claus, Elves, etc are not permitted.

If decorations are not picked up by March 15, they will be removed by cemetery personnel and discarded. In the past, decorations have been held, however, starting 2021, Marion Cemetery will no longer hold any item.

To make this policy more understandable,


absolutely nothing else will be permitted.

Annual flowers may be planted or in pots.

  1. ONLY Annual flowers (flowers which die out each year) are permitted.
  2. We request flowers not be any taller than 12 inches.
  3. Flower beds may be planted on the FRONT side of the monument or marker.
  4. Beds may be the length of the monument/marker, and may come out 18 inches from the monument/marker.
  5. Plantings and Flower Pots on the SIDES and BACKSIDE of a monument/marker are NOT PERMITTED. However, if you have purchased the backside of your monument lot, you may plant at the backside of the monument.
  6. Grass level marker lots are only permitted to have planters. No in-ground plantings are permitted. When a government or grass marker for on-top burials is placed, these cannot have planted or potted flowers. Only flowers at the main monument/marker will permitted.
  7. Fresh Flowers laid by the monument/marker are permitted as long as they are not wrapped in any type of fabric or plastic.
  8. No items are permitted to be placed around or in trees, bushes.
  9. Crypts and Niches may only have a potted plant or Christmas Wreath at the base of the row where their loved one has been placed.
  10. In the Boulder Gardens, Hosta may be planted along with annuals. However, nothing else is permitted. No items are permitted to lay on top of the boulder surface.
  11. Mulch may be used in the flower planting area, but not on the sides or back of a monument/marker. No marble, granite or stone chips are permitted.
  12. Only a flag in a bronze veteran holder will be permitted.
  13. Burial flowers will be left on the grave for one week after the burial.

If items such as, but limited to the following are found, cemetery personnel will remove and discarded.


(Exception is permanently attached porcelain picture, bronze item incorporated into monument and saddles.)

Even though you may think the item is out of the way from the mowers and trimmers, these items are not permitted. Please do not or place on monument/markers or try to hide these items in your flowers


When going to visit your loved one, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR UNLOCKED!! There have been multiple items (Purses, Keys, Phones) that have been stolen.

Marion Cemetery is not responsible for the damage or theft of any item placed on lot.